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Perhaps if you asked a specific question. I would being by going to "File -- New Project" then selecting the type of project you wish to create.


The first word is DESIGN.
Take pencil and paper, not a computer.
The second word is THINK.
You probably need a database. What are the tables and their relationships? You probably need computer input and output. What are the hardware devices you need extra for that? You probably going to use VS C# as a OO tool. What classes do you have to develop?
What kind of hospital is it? The complexity of you design may depend on it.
Is it a military hospital?
A burn center?
An academic hospital?
A field hospital?
A maternity hospital?
etc, etc...
And just as Sknake says, come back here if you have a more specific question.


hello ;

can any one help me for the project of hospital management system.

Write a story on how your hospital should work first, then design and code .

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The story did it

create your UML use case diagrams first. then create your activity diagrams and class diagrams. if you do that using microsoft visio, it even creates database tables from class diagrams.

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Nice addition to this subject.

There are hospital management systems available to browse online, some including source code of a complete system and design. You may wish to check out those designs too when beginning your design.

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