i am currently doing a project that will be used to add employees to a database. I have already designed the form and have gone ahead to do some coding. Though am stuck a bit, i can not be able to detect whether the employee does exists in the first place or not. I have tried using ADO recordsets methods, and sql statements to achieve the task but to no avail. Please if i may be assisted with ideas on how to go about it i will appreciate. Here is the link to the project i have uploaded


if one can review the project and advice the way forward i will really appreciate, its my dream to be a programmer and a good one, and i know i still have a long way to go..but with the right people to guide and support me, am sure i can reach there, and i feel home at this community. Thanks in advance.

first of all you need to correct the database design
1. there is no primary key in any of your tables
2. why tables are joined on name and description field ?
3. what are those gur... and NOK.... fields ? (needs to be moved into some new tables)
4. what is th euse of empidno while you already have empid field in the table.

once you fix the above mentioned issues do post back.

hi kinwang,
thanks for your post and your application i appreciate.
i know i will learn a lot from it. I only ask that you comment your code so it could be a help to someone who is an amateur and who is willing to learn to your code.

OK babz, I will add comments to my code. thanks for your suggestion.