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Im trying to hide the program i am writing when it is running. Better if the program could do it itself.



Sounds like malware to me.

Nope, sorry, I can't think of a legitimate reason for wanting to hide a process from the user. Sure, there are certain things buried deep in the OS, but a normal user-land process has no reason as I can see.

Perhaps you would care to enlighten us with your specific legitimate need.


A legitimate reason for hiding a process from the task manager would be to help prevent your application from being pirated. You may want run a program secretly to disable your program if your application source code has changed. Preventing your application from being stolen (pirated) is a very legitimate concern to all software developers.


Salem, Developing a method that would prevent an application from being pirated is not a simple task. There are many people like myself who are software developers that are deeply concerned about how to prevent their software from being pirated. I would imagine that some or all of Microsofts applications have programs (processes) that run in the background, for security/anti piracy reasons, that aren’t being displayed in the task manager. If you have a real solution on how to prevent an application from being pirated that doesn’t require running a program that is undetected by the task manager then please share your ideas.


Someone know a way to hide a process from task manager?


hi 3 mouth ago i was in Ur place searching all forums hoping find a way to do this trick but no luck!! then i decided to dig into windows processes and APIs and finally found a way! now i write a program that can not be closed by any task manager and this program can watch your app and as soon as it closes my program will open it agan. i tested it in winxp and i'm working on it on win7 so if you want your problem to be solved do as i say? send me an email and on that email send your application name(yourapp.exe ) and the address you wish to run your app from(d:\mayapp\mayapp.exe) i'll make an spesial version of my program for your app and send it to you

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