hi it me again...
i need to show an image(a gif) in a blank wndows form (border less).
he think is the place where the image is going to be visible......

when some one moove the mouse ponter to some place on the form and wait for their for some time(lets say 2seconds) in that point an image must be visible to user.

then when he move the pointer to another place and wait for 2 seconds same picter must need to be visible for user.
(that shown image will be visible falls when the user move the mouse) .

actualy i dont have any big idea of doing this.only think that i think is whole the process must be code under mouse hover..
so can some 1 help me..:confused: :confused: :confused:

Yes, set the visible property for the image to true under the MouseOver event and set it to false under the mouseleave event.

Upload the project you have so far and someone will be glad to take a look at it and help implement the functionality required

i think you want to do stuff like in web applications. to do that you can use silverlight or WPF instead of classic windows forms applications.
all those user interface stuff are much richer in those applications. do not bother with windows forms.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            pictureBox1.Visible = false;

        private void Form1_MouseHover(object sender, EventArgs e)
            pictureBox1.Visible = true;

        private void Form1_MouseLeave(object sender, EventArgs e)
            pictureBox1.Visible = false;


only this so farr...the problem is when the mouse pointer is going to its hover action that image box is always displaing in the place where i put on the form.
but i need to be dispaly the image on the mouse pointer,
so ithink i have to get x n y axis..is that so...

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Are you saying the image needs to follow the mouse pointer?

ya actualy following the mose pointer,but the image must be visible only when mouse is @ hover mode.

no 1 ....... i need to solve this

ya actualy following the mose pointer,but the image must be visible only when mouse is @ hover mode.

I think this (above answer) is confusing. If the image follows the mouse pointer, then the mouse pointer is always hovering over it, right? So I am guessing that the image does not move, but becomes visible only when the mouse enters it's region, right?

hmmmm....listen its like this,
i have a windows form and when i open that form i need to make visible a image.
and that image must be only visible when the mouse is @ its mouseHover event .
and the position of of the image is must be the current mouseover position (let say it is X:5 Y:10 coordinates).
AND hen i am moving the mouse to another location on the form.
let say x:20 y:5 .
then again when the mouse come to its mouse Hover mode in tis location that image must again be visible to user.
,,,,,like that...........so any 1