Hi, I am new member of this forum, and i find it quite interesting.
Here is my problem, i have some work for school that have to finish fast, and of course I google it, and found it here :) But there seem to be little problem, code that I've found here is written in C++ and i need it in C... Unfortunatelly I don't know C++. Code is 'bout Separate Chaining hashing and its on this link http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread5443.html# ...
If u have you own Separate Chaining hashing code written in C, please post it here.

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> i have some work for school that have to finish fast
What else is new

> code that I've found here is written in C++ and i need it in C
10/10 for your google skills, but I bet the point of the test was to find out how much you know, not who you can scam the answer off.

> Unfortunatelly I don't know C++
Pathetic excuse for not trying it yourself.
Even if you don't know what everything is for, using that search engine you've mastered should tell you the basics, enough at least to get the general idea of what's going on.

Oh, and since you missed it the first time, here it is again.
We only give homework help to those who show effort


1st of all its impossible to make that kind of project in just few days, and thats for i need help... And I need to present that code to my professor and explain to him all parts of that code... So i will have to learn it anyway... So it wont be scam, more like BIG help from u guys :)

2nd I don't have time to learn C++ and its syntax and understand all of its possibilities, and I know that its powerfull programming language. That code look like its written for C, but using C++ syntax
So once again, help me :/


I've managed to build my own code :) 2 weeks ago, but i forgot to say it here... Looks like no1 was interested in helping me :) If any1 need code, let me know.

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