i am writing my own shell and struck at implementing "help"....can any one help me .....plz just dont refer the man pages of linux plz elaborate also....

also plz some one tell me how to implement the background processing .....reply asaap its urgent

thanks in advance

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How are we supposed to help, when you don't show what you're capable of doing yourself.

> plz just dont refer the man pages of linux plz
Why not? Sooner or later, you'll have to get to grips with manual pages one way or another.

i dont think that post does not show the capability down here and secondly when the man pages were not sufficient to solve the problem then only the doubt was posted , if u cant help stop getting rude anywys thanks for showin hw bad response u give on the posts...


Lemme put it this way, I give you an answer.
33% chance you don't understand the answer at all
33% chance that you know it already
33% chance that there is something useful.

If you want to play 20 questions just to home in on your problem rather than argue about netiquette, then please go somewhere else to do it. I don't have time to pander to your sensitivities.

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