I'm working on a project. It involves networked code, so I wanted to send it to a friend to test it with.

I sent him only the .exe in my Debug folder, and it had an error on opening. It said something similar to "can not open because side-by-side config is missing".

How do I "finalize" a program to send it to another person on the same Windows operating system?

On Visual Studio, you do this:

1. To the right green "run" button, set the compile state to "Release"
2. Go to the menu "Project -> (project name) properties"
3. Under "Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation", set "Runtime library" to "Multi-threaded (/MT)"

This is what I found to be the most portable configurations.

I changed my working project to Multi-threaded DLL, and changed it from Debug to Release, but now I am getting linker errors.

I had it properly set to link ws2_32.lib. Do I have to take that file manually and put it in the same folder as the builded .exe?

What is going on?

Bah sorry, I didn't realize the linker settings are different for Debug and Release. Stupid mistake :)