Hi All

The company I work for have a need to obtain a VB5 IDE to change the data in an old, but mission critical custom project.

Does anybody have a copy of this that they are willing to sell to a good home?



Youare talking of VB 5 in tha age of .NET 2005.
I dont think any one would be still using that.

If u want to update the project you can yse VB 6.0 instead.

And again VB 6.0 might also be desupported by microsoft by this year end.

Youare talking of VB 5 in tha age of .NET 2005.

I know, I know, but the people I work for are only just waking up in 21st Century. In preference, I would like to spend the time rebuilding the application in Ruby, but we only need to change 2 lines of code right now and my boss won't give me the time to rebuild.

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