hello all,
I have an access database and working with vb 2005.
I have one date column which is in MM/dd/yyyy format

but my problem now is that

if i search for date less than (it will use the month alone.) here is my code for search criteria.

search = "Select * FROM  tablename WHERE cdate([Date Sent]) > '09/21/2009';"

if my date sent has 10/15/2009, 09/21/2009, 09/27/2009.

the result is given me is 09/27/2009 alone instead of
09/27/2009 and 10/15/2009

please what do i do

wht is search. if its just a variable then it can store only one value.
try using data reader or array.

the search is just the dataset and the result is saving in a grid.

I don't know maybe its bcos my database is access

why dont u try and use data reader

[Date Sent] should be a date/time column, I dont understand why your converting the entire column to date.... Also try applying pound signs (#) before & after the date instead of single quotes.