Hi All,
Can I have a Listvew in which Groups have ability to expand or shrink?
Now I Generate a Listviw in which groups are expand always, in Vb.Net.

for i as integer=0 to Number
'Add Items
'Add tow SubItems
'Generat a Group
ListView1.Groups.Add(New ListViewGroup("BaSalam",
'Add Items to Group
For j = 0 To clsShareParam.NumPoint - 1
ListView1.Items.Item(i).Group = ListView1.Groups(1)

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No, there is no built in functionality in .Net for adding these features to a listview control. Although if you google the subject you can find some examples where people added coding in an attempt to add these features but I wouldnt even recommend it; all the ones I looked at were very buggy and caused memory problems. You would be better off purchasing a 3rd party control if this is a must have feature or looking for a different control that fits your needs.

how about using a treeview instead?

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Thanks allot.

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