hi my problem iz that i am making a program in windows application.. my program is map of my university...for that i have made multiple maps separate for each department in this map i have shown paths from main gate to that particular department ... now the problem iz i hve to mention all places between main gate to that particular department in form of text....so that everbody know that while coming from main gate they get thz place that place n etc n then finally they get their destination...??????????

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Not sure why that is a problem. Don't know much about your app and you included no code having trouble, so is a design issue?

Hi, working all summer on your project?

Haha.. you're killing me today. Thats your second post in the last hour that made me laugh and irritated my cough :P

It seems he has been working on it a while:

Aye, and still no code...i think its a design issue. If ive read, it right he wants to put in a start and end destination and have the app calculate any landmarks passed along the way. AA autoroute scaled down to a university site.

no i dont want to cal any landmark...i just want to make it visible the places b/w source n destination...in text form like naturally while moving from one place to another v got many places like any shop, parks n etc ...so i just have to mention these shop, ,parks n etc name in form of text...

Thats what i meant by landmarks :p Recognisable places :p

Most direction systems use an algorythm like: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dijkstra's_algorithm

If your system is small enough you could always pretype all available routes into an array and print them to screen when a destinatin is selected. Works for a small collection of destinations if you always start at the same point. For point to point directions you will need to look into an algorythm to find all the points along the path i think.