listen i jst want to do internal mapping of my university...for that purpose i dnt understand how to locate different sides of my in university u have classrooms ,library,canteens...etc... so if any new person enter in my university i jst give them thz map so that he can go where he/she wantz if he want to go to libray he jst go there by simply following the directions of for that which coding i have to use in windows application?????????

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See first time:
This is the third time you pose the same question.
Now I figured out you want a ground map of your university in an application. So a good start would be to build a forms application.

this is odd actually. Most universities have maps already, simply because laws about large buildings having disaster plans. A point that you aren't being clear on, is are you wanting to create a program that is used to draw maps for printing, or are you looking to create a program that is a map with hot spots you could click on for hall directions?

either way, the best way to get started would be to actually draw out a map on a sheet of paper.but then, since you already have that much, you could just xerox it and pass it out.

you could just xerox it and pass it out.

Indeed! Just because there are computers does not mean everything has to be "computerized".

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