Hi everyone. I know that asking for project ideas is generally frowned upon, but I wish to ask anyways. This isn't for school, it's just because I want to. I want to start writing applications that would be used in a business or workplace environment. I don't have a lot of expertise in this specific area, and it isn't something that my programing class goes over. So, I guess my question is: Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to do something really basic, it needs to be challenging. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great =)

also, would this be something to do with JavaEE instead of JavaSE?


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> also, would this be something to do with JavaEE instead of JavaSE?

Depends on what you need to learn and where your expertise lies, but yeah, nowadays the core business functionality *is* developed using JEE.

You can develop a core business functionality using web services i.e. expose your business logic using web services. You can then use a web-client developed using any one of the web development MVC frameworks out there along with a standalone client developed using Swing, SWT etc. In short, a web and standalone client for consuming a business functionality exposed as web services [which are nothing but just glorified servlets].

A serious web application might be a policy management system wherein you sell policies to customers, customers pay their premium, you generate an invoice etc. But then again, these *serious* business apps might just put you off and you'd lose motivation easily.

It'd be better to start off with something which you find fun. Something like an online TODO list application, a web application which helps you maintain a list of all the cartoons you have seen till date, an online text to PDF converter [easy since you can use the libraries out there] etc. The possibilities are infinite...

thanks for the tip, and sorry for the late response!

Does JEE have a good tutorial? I looked at it, but I wanted a second opinion...

There are many good books, blog posts and articles out there for getting started with JEE; your best bet would be the free JEE 5 tutorial hosted by Sun.

Okay, thanks a lot for the info =)

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