Rejected iPhone Apps find a new home

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Apple has long been criticised for the way it handles iPhone App approval. Inconsistency and mind-boggling logic are the order of the day, or at least that's the way it appears to an increasing number of iPhone application developers.

The application review process has been rigorously defended by Apple, although the company has made some concession that it might have got things perhaps not quite right by introducing developer status updates as an attempt to quell the noisy protests.

Unfortunately, if Apple thought that the volume knob had been turned down it is in for a surprise as developers ramp it up to 11 with the arrival of a website called App Rejections which is attempting to keep track of all the questionable rejections it hears about.

The site was set up by a UK-based iPhone application developer, Adam Martin, who describes the iPhone App review process as "secret, undocumented, unquestionable, random" and says the Google Voice rejection shenanigans was the catalyst in setting up this site.

I'd like to tell you more, but at the time of writing my web browser is currently rejecting the site and not letting me access it.

Hopefully Martin will code an app so I can view it on my iPhone soon. Oh, hold on, I can foresee some problems with that...

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There is a lot of buzz around in Iphone app developers’ community that Apple doesn’t follow some uniform strategy for the Iphone application approval. Many developers have already rejected the stiff criteria and announced to stop developing new apps for the iphone but inspite of these agitations and furor we see many different iphone apps are coming rapidly and these apps are the main source of admiration for Iphone.
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kind of "how not to"
Hi, thanx for pointing out this website. I think that this will help many Iphone developers to improve their apps. It´s just important to connect to each other and learn from failures...

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