i am a final year student in engineering and my project require me to write an algorithm to solve a puzzle problem.Actually, my project is on a 3x3 warehouse space where items need to be stored and retrieved.how do i get started with writing the algorithm?
i already made a sequence for the puzzle but i am looking at making the sequence automatic (generated by the computer).

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.


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For start would be good to know which programming language we are talking....

thanks,its C language.

hello All,
please i need help on writing a dynamic algorithm in C for solving a puzzle problem.
any help will be highly appreciated.

I know nothing on the subject, but you may want to post what you have put together yourself already.
Don't forget the code tags.

Hi, tgir.

lets see if we can help. I believe your question is how to access 3x3 two-dimensional array. does that sound accurate?

also, i'm just curious, what engineering school do you go to?


Thanks for responding,actually i came up with a manual sequence of moves but i need to make it dynamic.i am a student of mechatronics engineering in malaysia.
what steps do i take to make the sequence of moves dynamic?

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