how can i terminate a process using vc++
i check somewhere and i found TerminateProcess function
but this is not useful to terminate a process by it's name[for example notepad.exe]
i hope you help me

thanks but i receive Undeclared Identifier 'HANDLE' error
i don't know what should i add

Post down the total code so its easier to troubleshoot.

my program was under win32 console app
so 'HANDLE' was Undeclared for me
now myApp is under mfc
this is the function

int CMyTaskManagerDlg::Killprocess(int nProcessID)
	HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, nProcessID );

	BOOL nReturnVal = TerminateProcess( hProcess,0);
	CloseHandle (hProcess);
	return nReturnVal;


but how can i find the nProcessID for my notepad.exe to close it?