So I have spent a few days now stuck on this problem. I have a file, at the offset &hd026 there is a name. This name can be any amount of characters long, this part is easy, already have something to do this and saves it into a textbox. Now there is another instance of this name a varying offset somewhere else in the file. I need a way to find the offset of the second name that is fast and easy to do.

Any tips, hints or help would be greatly appreciated.

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What exactly are you looking to have returned? (the entire line, the index of where the word starts etc) I can show you many different ways to search text but do you have a specific key word to search for?

One example:

Private Function IsFileContainsSrting(ByVal SearchWord As String, ByVal FileName As String) As Boolean
        Dim IsWordFound As Boolean = False
        Dim FileContents As String = String.Empty
        Dim FileStreamReader As StreamReader
            FileStreamReader = New StreamReader(FileName)
            FileContents = FileStreamReader.ReadToEnd()
        Catch ex As Exception
            IsWordFound = False
            If FileStreamReader IsNot Nothing Then FileStreamReader.Close
        End Try

        If FileContents.IndexOf(SearchWord) > 0 Then
            'IndexOf returns -1 of not found and 0 if the textVal is empty
            IsWordFound = True
        End If

        Return IsWordFound

    End Function

Also there is the RegEx class that is very fast but more complicated to first start learning/using.


I need the position of it for the binary reader so I could write hex bytes to a position a specific number of bytes away from the offset of the last instance of the name.

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