I have been working with desktop server/client applications today, making pretty good progress when I came across a problem. the webserver I use for my website is shared and doesn't allow me access to start programs so I must use my desktop as a server. The problem with this is I don't have a static IP address. I have come up with a solution to this. But I would like to know if anyone else has any other solutions for this problem.

my solution is I created a simple asp script that gets the IP address of the computer that calls it and saves it as an XML doc to the webserver. My desktop server application periodically calls this asp script so that the XML document on the webserver stays current. Then on my client application. it checkd my webserver for the xml document, downloads it and parses it to an IP address. so that my client application always knows the IP address of my desktop server to connect to.

it works well, for now.

any suggestions on the topic I would appreciate. Code is available for anyone interested.

You can use DynDNS. Basically you run a client on a machine on the dynamic-ip-address-network and that client updates DynDNS with your dynamic IP and they update the host entry. So you could get a host like "DdoubleD.dyndns.com" that always resolves to your dynamic ip address.

That's cool. I didn't realize there was a service out there like that. obviously it works very similar to my solution. Thanks again sknake.