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i have a question,

Suppose you have 2 routers (R1 and R2), and you should build a network for a small company.
That company need 4 subnets , Subnet 1 must supply 14 hosts , subnet 2 supply 30 hosts , subnet 3 supply 62 hosts , subnet 4 supply 126 hosts.
One of the router have access to ISP that give the company an IP Address of Class C (e.g

1.How would you design your LAN in that company?

2. I don't know how to make 4 subnets each with different amount of hosts ?
Because the formula said ...given an class C IP address, u will be able to make 4 subnets each with 64 hosts (with IP Add and Subnet Mask, or make 2 subnets each with 128 hosts (with IP and subnet mask

And in my case I have 4 subnets each with different amount of host.Is that possible?

Thank you in advance


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u must go from high number host to low
1) supply 126 hosts /25 - total 126 host- from 1-126 (0 is network and 127 is broadcast so u cant use them, check cisco - google) - network mask

2) supply 60 hosts /26 - hosts 129-190

3)supply 30 hosts /27 - hosts 193- 222

4)supply 14 hosts /28 - hosts 225-238

So thats it
mail me if u have trouble understanding this




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