For those of you who don't know, Daniweb has an IRC server. I'm there a lot, and I don't see any of you. That's not good because I'm there, of course. Real time chat with the resident guru (shamless) will make you smarter (utterly shameless) and cooler (words cannot express how shameless) because we all know that anyone who hasn't chatted with the brilliant and lovely Narue on IRC is a complete luser (easily a world record of shameless).

I expect to see at least ten people from this forum there on a regular basis.

Server: irc.daniweb.com
Port: 6667
Channel: #daniweb

For Windows users, mIRC and Trillian are both good IRC clients, and on Unix/Linux systems, xchat rules. Don't use the Java client, it sucks.

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Is there actually one of you ladies/gents using Irc :D

Ive been online a few times now, never seen anyone there, it sure is quiet around #Daniweb :!:

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