Hey, thanks for taking a gander at this. I'm new to VB and VB.NET, and I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the two is, nor what I'm using. I feel like a complete squib, but that's basically it. I'm using MSVB 2008 Express edition, unto which I assumed I was using VB, BUT when I write some programs, it requires the .NET framework (3.5) which would lead me to believe that I might also be doing vb.net? I'm confused on what the differences are, if there are even any, and how if there are backwards compatibility issues between the two. Is it like a C and C++ thing, where VB.net is a direct evolution of VB, or..?

Also, I've been scouring the internet the last few days, and have even reluctantly searched through a text book of mine, but I cannot find what I need. I'm wondering if it's possible to find an already installed programs' path? I would assume it would have something to do with the registry, but yeah.... The reason I ask is that I help run and manage a gaming community, and I'm currently trying to write a program that will be like a "HUD" or resource center, so that they can launch any game or program that we use frequently. I also plan on doing a lot more with it, but I'm learning as I go. There are some games we play that install differently based upon if you are using a 32-bit, or 64-bit. While I could do an if statement to figure it out, I would also have to assume that they were using the default directory, which is not the case for quite a few people. Any insight into how I can locate a programs path would be immensely helpful.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

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well the easiest way to find the games directories is searching in the registry.
alsong you know the path of the reg key (which is same in xp, vista,7) you can get the installation path from there. for games that dont need to be installed to run you only can request users action by using an openfiledialog.

about the difference between VB and VB.NET u can find 100000000 of answers on google. not going to repeat it the 100000001 ;)

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