create two class DM and DB which store the value of distances DM store the value in meter and centimeter, DB store the vlaue in feet and inches. write a program that can read value for the class object and add one object Use friend function to carry out the addition operation the object that stores which the result are required. The display should be in the format of feet and inches or meter and centimeter depending on the object on display.

start with your code. Post here if u get any issues.

Go for a project using File Handling..
You Can go for :
1. Bank Database.
2. Telephone Directory.
3. Icecream palor..

First two, you would be surely having some idea...
3. Icecream Palor:
What this project does is,
when a customer comes it asks if he is a new customer or old;
If new, open an account asking his details and provide him Cust. ID
If Old, Ask for Cust ID.... and show him how much credit he has... then ask him what he wants to buy show him its price and ask wheter he wants to pay now or later... If now don't do anything to credit else add price to his credit...

A simple program

OR what u can do is just free ur mind and look around...
then design the program , what u want and how to go about it.
don't go for code directly
After designing go for coding....
Go stepwise u will find coding very very simple....


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