Hey guys I'm new to C++ and our teacher I guess expects us to know what were doing and we don't so we have to make a program that

Input the following:
Product Description: String Variable
Wholesale Cost: 2 decimal positions
Quantity Ordered: whole number
Packaged: C for a case, I for an item, G for a Gross (assume cases are packaged at 24, Item is a single unit, Google gross is you do not know)
Based on the input data:
1. Calculate the per item cost for each
2. Markup the item cost by 35%
3. Calculate the sales price (2 decimal and $)
4. Calculate the item overhead at 15% of the wholesale cost
5. Calculate the profit (2 decimal and $) (sales price – actual cost – overhead cost)

Product Description: Soup
Whole Sale Cost: $ 11.36
Packaged: Case

Product Description: Melons
Whole Sale Cost: $ 2.19
Packaged: Item

Product Description: Candy Bars
Whole Sale Cost: $ 28.12
Packaged: Gross

Please Help Thanks

Sorry about your teacher but we can't help you until you show some effort. We can't just do your homework for you. You won't learn anything that way. Post the code you have tried and we will be glad to help make corrections and suggestions.
Remember to use code tags when posting code.