I've written a small web db app, designed to sit within another page (in an iframe).

It is designed to be called with a parameter (or two).

iframe html calls Default.aspx?Parameter=4

The default page does nothing except check for the existance of the parameter and store it a session state variable before calling Page1.aspx.

Page1.aspx opens a connection to the db and pulls back a few hundred rows of data before figuring out what to display.

The problem / question:
The call to the db takes a few seconds (particularly the first time it's called).

Can I display a "please wait" message while this call is executed?
Is there a way to get Default.aspx to display before Page1.aspx starts the call?
I'd rather avoid multiple threads if at all possible.

Many thanks for any advice.

Well, I've managed to get something to work.
I'm sure there are reasons why I shouldn't do it this way, but....

I've taken the response.redirect("page1") out of the default.aspx page

Instead I've got a meta redirect in the html head
[meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=page1.aspx" /]

This seems to have the desired effect;
1. The default page is loaded and displayed. It immediately attempts the redirect.
2. As soon as page1 is ready, the redirect takes place.

Another way is an AJAX.