Guys plz hlp me out on this '
I created 2 tables and addressid is joining both my tables, only manage to show one table in data grid ' if two tables r showing (its either duplicating sum rows by ( expr1) or i can't add a new record in any of the table.I think my problem sits in query builder after i click finish its givin me error on insert and update' plz gve me right code to put in query builder so dt i can show both tables in datagrid without duplicating rows and i be able to save records in both tables at run time .
Thanks in advance

A view or joins is a virtual table meaning it does not exist as a table. Yes a view or joins is an schema object but it is only as such view . It is a view of a table ot joined tables. If you are updating a field from a view you are not updating the view but the table which that view is based upon. No you cannot update a view only the table a view is based upon.