As an amateur weekend programmer, I find that the easist way to learn how a program works is to step through the program using my IDE debugger.

Using breakpoints is obviously the best way to step over code that doesn't interest me. My problem is that in some large programs, it's not obvious where to set breakpoints. This means that at a "waiting for input" state, I can provide some user input, click "Start" and the program runs to the next "waiting for input" state. So my breakpoints are never being hit, because they're not in the correct places.

It would be great if I could find a tool that would allow me to start at a specified line of code, and then "Step in" 1,000 times, or "Step over" 1,000 times, and write the 1,000 lines of code to a file. I can then examine the output file to see where I could have inserted a breakpoint.

Does anyone know if such a tool is available?

I found the perfect tool for you. I commonly refer to it as python. It has extensive libraries for parsing files and manipulating strings.