Good day to you all,

I feel very excited being in the midst of gurus and great enthusiasts of programming...

I have a little challenge in completing a program intended to read records from a file <notepad> and place them in an orderly manner on a pdf file <so as to view how it would look like just before printing in hard copy>.

My only hitch was <is> in viewing more than a page at a time; thereby having all other records beyond the 14th not viewable. Below is the VB.NET code I used.

For rec As Integer = 0 To recordData.Length - 1

   Dim myRec() As String = Regex.Split(recordData(i + 1), ",")

    'Check if next record is the 14th record
         If (i + 1) Mod 14 = 0 Then        
            Dim remaining As Integer = recordCount - (i + 1)
            If remaining \ 14 <> 0 Then
               e.HasMorePages = True
               'indicate that this is the last page to print
               e.HasMorePages = False
            End If
        End if

        firstColumn = (firstColumn + 1) Mod 2  ' 2 records per row
         For j As Integer = 0 To myRec.Length - 1

            'Draw your strings            
            If firstColumn = 0 Then
               'Code that prints records on first column
               ' is placed here 
               'Code that prints records on second column
               ' is placed here
            End If


         If countRecords Mod 2 = 0 Then
            'code that allows modification of x and y coordinates
            ' so as to print on the next row after every two records
         End If

When I use the "e.HasMorePages" for large records as I've done above, it'd only print the first page and ignore others.

I'd be grateful if you can show me what I'm doing wrong.


This is still unsolved...

... I'd keep waiting.

Well it might be because you are in the wrong forum. This forum is for classic vb and not .net so it might be wise of you to PM a mod and have this thread moved to the correct forum.

Good Luck