Hi all,

I have a library built in C++ targeted for linux platform. The authors suggested that with some minor changes, it can be compiled in windows as well.. This library in turn uses the mathematical library called miracl, which does support VC++ and I was also able to build it there.

My problem is how to port this linux based library to windows?

I found a open source software known as cmake for building the source files. Is it the correct tool for my problem?



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If you used g++ on linux then you should probably use Code::Blocks with MinGW compiler on Windows.

Thanks. I will now try code::blocks with minGW.

Previously, I tried to port the linux based C++ code to VS 2005 using cmake utility but it didn't work.




I tried code::blocks with minGW compiler.

As soon as I compiled a program, it gave multiple syntax errors, as if it's not recognizing the syntax at all.
What am i doing wrong?

also, this program called headers from other library which I have already build in VS 2005 and have the library file for it. Should I be including it here in Code::Blocks?




I have tried many methods, like cmake and minGW, but each time I try compiling the code in Windows, errors like in braces and basic syntax are thrown.

I never worked much with unix based C++.
Is there a compiler which I can use to compile linux based C++ code successfully in Windows environment?

Its surprising that you are not able to compile it in windows. If you take a library compiled in *NIX, it would not run on windows but usually the code compiles fine both on windows n *nix, apart from specific system calls if you have them. braces like error are not an issue of unix or windows. Its a code issue.

edit: sorry, didnt read the whole thing, you have a library i guess. plz ignore my post in that case.

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