i have downloaded mhah library and i tried to include it in turbo c++ i copied the folder to the turbo c++ when i tried to run the c files in the library i found 5 errors
cant able to include mutils/mincludes.h... mutils/mtypes.h... mutils/global.h... mutils/mhash.h... libdefs.h
mutils folder is found inside include folder the mhash library .. what should i do to include these files..

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In ur turbo C there exist a include folder which contains many header files , ur supposed to place the desired header file in that directory.

PS: For god sake stop using turbo , u have much better compilers to work with.

commented: Bad: Don't put 3rd party header files in the compiler include directory, Good!: Ditch TurboCrap +18

Using TurboC++ is like riding horse&buggy on todays interstates or autobahns (in europe). Ditch the horse&buggy and get a free modern ferrari.

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