I want to check by a c program that in a system Microsoft Visual studio Runtime is present or not.
The system might not have complete package of Microsoft Visual studio but we can run a c or c++ program using Microsoft Visual studio Runtime(MVSR)

I want to know that is there any place where any registry files of MVSR are kept which I can search from my program that in a particular PC MVSR is there or not.

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Can anyone just give me the info where the microsoft visual studio runtime files are present

Do a Google search. You can download the runtime as an redistributable package from M$.

I have the runtime.
What i am trying to do is that a server is running in my PC.
When a client requests than with my program I have to check that does his PC has the runtime library or not.
For that there should be a place where some regitery files of VC ruuntime is present which i can query.

why not just check if the runtime files are in the c:\windows directory?

which are the runtime file that I have to check

which are the runtime file that I have to check

You told Tom you already had the runtime files. In any event, there is a folder named "redist" in your vc++ installation directory. At least I thought those are the dlls you are talking about. There may be others, such as .NET framework. Use this depdency walker to find out what all your program needs.

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