The programming assignment is to read a text file, extract the words from it, and save them in a 2D array that contains the word and the number of occurrences of that word. For example, if a text file contains the words "first" "second" "third" "second", the array should contain - first 1 second 2 third 1. The code I have posted creates a 2D array that contains first 1 second 1 third 1 second 1, so the count for second does not increment and word is printed again. I am saving each new word in the hist array and the number in the 31st element of the array. Then, if the word does exist I want to increment that number. doesWordExist is function that returns FALSE if the word does not exist and TRUE if the word exists. The function has been tested and works correctly. I am also initializing the arrays. Pointers aren't allowed.
Please help me with this! I have been working on this for a long time and would appreciate your help very much.

char tempWord[50];

char hist[50][32];

while (fscanf(fp,"%s",tempWord)!= EOF || j<4){

		if(doesWordExist(tempWord,hist[j]) == FALSE){			

			hist[k][31] = 1;




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