Our existing code sends text file to printer successfully. However now we need to send RTF file (containing some text and boxes) instead of text files through C++ coding.

When we are using the existing C++ code then we are getting the unwanted data within the curly braces{} at the printed page. Further investigation about RTF files reveals that this garbage value at the printer is infact the data available within the RTF file.

To resolve this problem I tried to parse the data within the curly braces {}. So far I am able to fetch the actual text data by parsing the unwanted text data while reading the RTF file. However I am not able to fetch the boxes shown within the *.rtf file.

{\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn fFlipH}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn fFlipV}{\sv 0}}

I would be glad if someone can help me with this issue.