Hi All,
Please tell me a good research idea to do a good project for my final year within 6 months. This is for my BSc Software Engineering degree. Its going to be an individual project and it would be great if its a research idea. :S

I'm good in java, PHP, SQL, Groovy on Grails. Or pls let me know a site or anything where I can get some new ideas of doing a project.


I don't know a site where you can find cheap ideas to solve for free, but try to thing of a process you could automate or improve on that exists and apply your coding knowledge. That could be a start. What sort of research do you mean; as a basis for your code?

Actually what I mean by reserch ideas is, my university gives more marks for the people who does some innovative ideas by doing some researches. E.g., one person did a system which can choose the best pair of spectacles just by capturing a picture of a person, and someone did a project which recognizes the tree of a particular leaf just by scanning it.
Something like that which can be done in 6months individually. :(

you could start working with OntoBroker even i am too researching on this projects.
u could help me and i can help you

Thanx Manish,,,, I will look in to this topic whether I can do it. Because I have no idea about this.

this is basicaly a research on crawling like google crawls the web page as it fallow the same procedure
and we need to follow 4 tier architecture