I want to create a data file(.txt) with the data in a mysql table. (of course i did that)

try {
					// Create the statement

					 //Export the data
				String filename = "test.xls";
				String tablename = "test";
	c.getData("SELECT * INTO OUTFILE '"+ filename + "' FROM " + tablename);
				} catch (Exception e) {}

This create the test.xls file in the folder that the java class in.

I want to make that file created in a specific folder rather than the folder that the java class is in.

**getdata() method is OK.

How can I do that?

Make the file name the complete path, startiung with c: or whatever.

ps: Don't forget that \ is the escape character in Java Strings - so to put a \ in the file path you need to code \\

Rather than absolute paths that may not work from one machine to another, you can also get the paths to useful folders in a system-independent way with calls like