Is it possible to make a program using VB where you let people visit a site and get their IP address and use their IP address to click the link which is inside the site they visit?


My site location is:
And this site contain one link name "Click Me"
If someone visit the I will be able to get their IP Address and that IP Address will be use to click the "Click Me" link.

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If you'd like to visit some site through the vb application (i was developing only in Visual Studio 6), it's all about adding a "Microsoft Internet Controls" into your component panel and then just lay it on your form window. This control needs an Internet Explorer browser installed on the users computer. If you want to connect to the site directly when opening the form, try this:

Private Sub Form_Load()
  wbEvil.Navigate ""
End Sub

where wbEvil is the name of the WebBrowser object. Every other code (how to redirect from your page to next one, etc...) is the question of web developing.

Hope you're not going to use it for an evil purposes :-D

I was just planning if there is a way on how to increase web traffice through the use of VB Application if it is possible. . .=) Now the key to that is through the use of IP Address. . .a unique visitor must visit a site once in 24hrs and they will determine that through IP Address.

I already know how to get someone's IP address but the only problem is, how to use these IP to visit a site. It is like a mask, my IP will be mask by other IP so it will be consider as IP unique visitor. I can't click a site 300,000x. So if I get 300,000 ip addresses, so there will be 300,000 visitors a day. I think I am not crossing some sort of line, it is just about web traffic. . .I am not going to use these IP for some illegal purpose like the movie "UNTRACEABLE." It is purely for web traffic. . .

yes its possible only if you use webconrols...



How can I open a website with a specific IP Address?

can some give me a hint? like will open the webpage "", let say I have a textbox that holds the IP Address and a button open.

Just a note here. What you are talking about is called fraud. I have flagged this thread and will leave it up to the admins to keep it open or close it. You have some splainen to do lucy (okay showing my age...)

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