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I need to write a python script that will automatically log into a website and retrieve a URL once it has logged in. I already know how to fetch the html of a page, but how do I make the script log into the page first?

On the page I want to login, the "Login" button does this:

<input name="Go" type="image" src="images/login.gif" onClick="return _CF_checkFMLSLOGIN(document.FMLSLOGIN)" width="37" height="26" border="0" tabindex="3">


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You could use the urllib or urllib2 modules for this task I assume but you could also start from scratch using pure sockets. You would need to learn HTTP Protocol for this and simulate what messages a webbrowser sends to the server hosting the website for the user and password boxes.

here are some good starter websites on HTTP:
This ones really good:

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