can someone help me with this problem(factorial)
everything is working fine but when I enter a negative number the program crashes somewhere....but n can be any non-negative number
Here is da code

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int fact(int n){
if (n==0)
return 1;

return fact(n-1)*n;
int main()
int number;
char response;


cout<<"Enter number: ";
cout<<"factorial: "<<fact(number)<<endl;

cout<<"Do you want to continue: ";
cout<<"(Press Y/N)"<<endl;

}while((response=='y') || (response=='Y'));
return 0;

The formula for finding a factorialis:
If you have a negative number e.g -1, what would be the factorial?
-1(-2)(-3)(-4)(-5)(-6)..... it goes on to infinity.. That is why your program crashes.i.e if n is negative, there is no way n-1 can be equal to 1.

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ofcourse it wil crash because it is getting into an infinite loop because its not reaching the final condition.

make your condition from if(n==0) to if(n<1) in the factorial function