I have just started with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. I have also installed Platform SDK with it. I have few questions:

  1. I couldn't see line numbers, or gutter on the editor. How could I toggle gutter/line numbers.

  2. I saw the include directory of the VC. I saw that several header files are without extensions such as iostream. And there are several other header files too with .h extension such as conio.h, dos.h etc. I know that we could declare header files with #include<iostream> or #include<iostream.h>. But what does this mean. Previous version i.e. VC6 didn't had anything like this.

  3. Platform SDK includes MFC, so does VC2005 express supports MFC.

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1) seet tools->options->text editor->all languages->line numbers

2) using #include <iostream> is the preferred way for C++ for standard library includes, #include <iostream.h> is deprecated.
The major difference is that the first uses namespaces heavily, the second doesn't for backwards compatibility reasons.

3) You can write MFC code, but you won't get "wizards" and "designers" for your screens, you'll have to do them by hand.


Don't bother with MFC.

You will probably have to know it because there are millions of programs out there that use it. I use MFC all the time and don't have a problem with it any more -- it has a very very steep learning curve, up to a year ot more. Today, new projects would be easier if written with C# or Forms.


Another question, I saw in VC 2005 Express web page that it supports Designing, i.e. insert controls in the Window and all. Whats that, cause it does not support Designing.

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