Ive got a big problem.
I need to read data from the serial port
Ive used serialport from the toolbox , but dont know how to use it.
I used to do it on a Amiga like this

open serial("serial.device".0.2400.0) rem(open port)
repeat GW.w=readserial(0)
if gw>29 and gw<128
gewicht$=gewicht$+chr$(gw) rem(at to string)
until gw=10 or gw=13 rem (stop at linefeed or return)
Closeserial 0

Now VB suposed to be easy , well i cant find it
Plzzzz help me

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Thxs for your quick reply.
But i still got the problem to generate the correct code for my own program.
It's hard for me to find the part that i really need
I only need to read some data from a weigth scale
Can You please help me with that ?


I am just wondering if you are still having problems with the serial port. If so, I developed a serial port programming language in C# and I believe it solves nearly all of the problems that everybody encounters with.

Would you please take a look and try it ?

Project is freely available on sourceforge and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Project homepage
Download Link

Thank you,


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