Can someone help me with these errors?

You can't declare methods within other methods, so those that you have crammed into the switch statement have to be moved out.

I took the other methods out and still have errors.

import java.util.*;

public class CellPhoneBill
	static Scanner console = new Scanner(;

	static final double R_REGULAR_SERVICE = 10.00; // 1ST 50 MIN FREE
	static final double R_CHARGES_OVER_FIFTY_MIN = 0.20; //PER MIN

	static final double P_PREMIUM_SERVICE = 25.00;

	static final double P_SIX_AM_TO_SIX_PM = 0.00;  //1ST 75 MIN FREE
	static final double P_OVER_SEVENTY_FIVE_MIN = 0.10;  //PER MIN

    static final double P_SIX_PM_TO_SIX_AM = 0.00;  //1ST 100 MIN FREE
	static final double P_OVER_ONE_HUNDRED_ONE_MIN = 0.05;  //PER MIN

	public static void main(String[] args)

	   int acctNum;
	   int numOfMinUsed;
	   double amtDue;
	   double subAmtDueA;
	   double subAmtDueB;
	   int callsSixAMtoSixPM;
	   int callsSixPMtoSixAM;
	   char serviceCode;

 	   System.out.print("Enter the account number: ");
 	   acctNum = console.nextInt();

 	   System.out.print("Enter the service code type: "
 	                    + "R or r (Regular), "
 	                    + "P or p (Premium): ");

 	   serviceCode =;

 	      switch (serviceCode)
	      case 'R':
	      case 'r':

	   	  System.out.print("Enter the number of minutes: ");

          numOfMinUsed = console.nextInt();

             if (numOfMinUsed <= 50)

                amtDue = R_REGULAR_SERVICE;


             	amtDue = R_REGULAR_SERVICE +
             	         R_CHARGES_OVER_FIFTY_MIN *
             	         (numOfMinUsed - 50);

             System.out.println("Account number = " + acctNum);
             System.out.println("Type of service = Regular");
             System.out.println("Number of minutes used = " + numOfMinUsed);
             System.out.printf("Amount Due = $%.2f %n", amtDue);


       case 'P':
       case 'p':

          System.out.print("Enter the number of minutes used from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM: ");

             callsSixAMtoSixPM = console.nextInt();

		        if (callsSixAMtoSixPM <= 75)

		           subAmtDueA = P_PREMIUM_SERVICE;


		           subAmtDueA = P_PREMIUM_SERVICE +
		                       P_OVER_SEVENTY_FIVE_MIN * (callsSixAMtoSixPM - 75);

          System.out.print("Enter the number of minutes used from 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM: ");

             callsSixPMtoSixAM = console.nextInt();

			    if (callsSixPMtoSixAM <= 100)

			 	   subAmtDueB = P_PREMIUM_SERVICE;


			 	   subAmtDueB = P_PREMIUM_SERVICE +
		                        P_OVER_ONE_HUNDRED_ONE_MIN * (callsSixPMtoSixAM - 100);

		        amtDue = (subAmtDueA + subAmtDueB) - P_PREMIUM_SERVICE;

				System.out.println("Account number = " + acctNum);
			    System.out.println("Type of service = Premium");
			    System.out.println("Number of minutes used = " + (callsSixAMtoSixPM + callsSixPMtoSixAM));
                System.out.printf("Amount Due = $%.2f %n", amtDue);


	      System.out.println("Invalid service code.");

                public static double amtDue(double RegularBill)

						return amtDue;


                public static double amtDue(double PremiumBill)

						return amtDue;



Walk through and match your braces. Maintaining good, consistent indentation helps a lot to see things like this.

Also be sure to read the errors carefully because they contain line numbers where the problems occur. "Illegal start of expression" is going to indicate an improperly terminated block or expression prior to the point that the compiler complains.

From what I can tell, I have a closed brace for every open brace.

Well, I'm going to "guess" that your error is around line 128 (you didn't post the error message) and suggest you look more closely at main().

The error message is still the same. Illegal start of expression.

Of course it is, unless you fixed that missing brace from main().

You know, it's getting pretty tough to see over your shoulder and know what you're doing there. You might try reposting the code if you fix something. And walk through every brace and find it's matching closing brace.

I'd say in line 116 rather you ended with an extra ")" or u didnt use indentation for it, check it out.