I want to know that how to create a program using VISUALSTUDIO2005 and creating some windows application in layers ..
I basically want to know the steps that at first i hav to creat which file nand after that which one and so on..
I reall need help of someone..
Waiting for help..

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um... What?

Ditto...can you be a little more specific please? What do you mean by "layers"? Are you asking for a step by step on creating a windows application in vs.net, if so there are a great many beginners tutorials out there.

If you run into a specific problem we will gladly help you problem solve it, but to ask "how do i make a windows application" is a little broad :p

I guess you want to know about layer architecture application.

Here is a good article - http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/Three_Layer_Architecture.aspx

Tier indicates a physical separation of components, which may mean different assemblies such as DLL, EXE, etc. on the same server or multiple servers.

Layer indicates logical separation of components, such as having distinct namespaces and classes for the Database Access Layer, Business Logic Layer and User Interface Layer.

by layers i meant like i have to save a seprate file out there for like i make a database for student it is stored out seprately and then everything is seprte i am not getting how to explain exactly my problem but somehow its like i am begginerr and i want some tutorials help to know hw to start doing my work on visualstudio.net..
and at first i hav to built what and after that whta step and all that..
hop this time i am a bit able to make you understand my problem..


It sounds like you want to start with very basic examples of creating a project/application. Try searching the web for keywords like:

"hello world c#"
"DB tutorial c# .NET" where DB is the type you are interested, such as "SQL Server" or "Access"

There are many websites out there that have tutorials for getting started. In addition, check out CodeProject.com, which is a huge repository of projects that demonstrate many facets of old and new technologies too. Try to find the simplest projects first so you are not overwhelmed when looking for specific examples.

As far as how you organize your project(s) and file(s) into specific categories or libraries and other separations, it depends on the size and purpose of the application IMO. It wouldn't make sense to advise you to break it apart into 3, 4, or even more specific functional libraries if the code needed to accomplish your overall goal will be very small and compact.

Your forethought in these matters is a good thing. However, if you are starting out with some basic DB interface or FileStream stuff with a Windows Form or something, I would advise keeping it all in one application for now and just name your files to whatever makes sense to you--you can always reorganize things as it becomes clearer there is a need to do so.

Some starter links:
Create a windows form...
Beginner developer learning center...
Project and Beginner's guide to accessing SQL Server...

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