suppose the array is
arr1 dB 5H,8H,1H,3H,6H
then how do i display it using tasm

Say you keep your original values in your array (Still stored in the places that you chose)

Array1 times 6 db 0

Position 0 would hold your value 5H
Position 1 would hold 8H
And so on, to display this array,

mov byte [Array1 + 5], '$'
mov ah,9
mov dx,Array1
int 21h

This is NASM16 code, though, i'm sure the syntax difference is not too large.

Also, if you want to keep your array..

arr1 dB 5H,8H,1H,3H,6H, "$"
mov ah,9
mov dx,arr1
int 21h

Best of luck to you, friend.