If a constructor calls another class with another constructor and both constructors have methods that access the same class, which would be first?

First constructor in a method separate from the class

    Entry entry(" ", " ", " ", time.Hours(), 
    return !(list.IsPresent(entry));

Second constructor that it's calling.

Entry::Entry( /* in */ string firstName,    
              /* in */ string middleName,   
              /* in */ string lastName,       
              /* in */ int  initHours,     
              /* in */ int  initMinutes)  
    // Constructor initializers
    : name(firstName, middleName, lastName), 
      time(initHours, initMinutes)

I'm just confused with how time.Hours() & time.Minutes would be called before or after time(initHours, initMinutes) in the second constructor.


If I am right, you want to know which comes first?
Easy, just put this in all the constructors..

cout<<"constructorname's constructor"<<endl

and you will know ,during runtime, which precedes which.

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