Hi Guys,

How are you doing guys??

Guys I was wondering how to achieve a code that highlighting multi strings at once like Firefox ???

Could someone give me an idea, because I couldn't achieve this in C# like Firefox exactly without changing the background of the string.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Set False value to HideSelection property - the selected text in the text box control remains highlighted when the control loses focus.

Hi MxDev,

Do you want to highlight mutiple strings in a TextBox controls or you want to highlight strings in multiple textboxes?

You can't highlight multiple strings in a TextBox control. RichTextBox control will also not support multiple strings. But you can try your own implementation using RichTextBox.SelectionBackColor property.

If you want to highlight strings in multiple textboxes, you can use HideSelection property as adatapost said.

Hi guys,

thanks for your participations, but is it possible to use javascipt in multiple string highlighting as a running script beside c# application.



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