hi every body(tis is my first post here)

i have been experiencing compatibility problems with visual basic 6 and 8.0....(coz i have vista) .now i have installed vs 2008 express but the problem is that i am much used to vs 6.0 enviroment...now i just cant understand how to open a win 32 conole app. project and then c++ source file....(whe ever i click on the new toolbar the new project option show vs installed templates but console 32 application i not there...and when i open the conole application,,some thing like( Module,,sub main,,,)appear...)

Plz help me ....this is giving me headache:@
P.S.( i m a beginner so plz dont write complex things :-/)

To create a new console application: From the menu File --> New --> Project, select Win32 in the Project Types, then Win32 Console Application in the Templates. At the bottom enter the project name and location, then hit Ok button. The rest you should be able to figure out. If not, then just ask

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