Hey Everyone.

I'm back. I started a Python project that actually got close to completion back about six months ago. Most times when i requested help i was often suggested that i don't use v3 of python as many things changed (someones help code was for 2.x and didn't work) etc and i believe at the time there was no .exe creator either (bummer)
That was quite some months ago now and as my last uni exam is today, i intend to spend the next 3 months of my free time getting back into this programming and wonder if v3 has advanced as the version to use, can .exe be created being my main issues (an exe that can run on almost all versions of windows without installation)

Any advice appreciated as it may make any future help me posts more easier to answer.

Thanks guys and girls.

P.S. No longer on vista either, while i have win7 64 bit now, i'm thinking of using my XP box to continue my programming.

Yeah there is still no py2exe support for python 3.x