I have been using GSL, but I find it very awkward to work with. Does anyone have a recommendation for another one to try? I can't seem to find any on google.



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What was wrong with gsl?
What do you want to optimize, is it a maximization/minimization you want. Or is it a linear programming problem.

I've use it for maximization problems,
and found it strange that I needed to supply a,
gradient function, and also use special gsl vectors.
But other than that it worked nicely.

I can't seem to find any on google.

Search for "numerical library C C++" - lots of links. For example:
What's an accurate and complete request for help:

very awkward to work with

monkey_king: I agree, it should definitely have numerical gradients. Also, its annoying that you have to use gsl_vector, and then gsl_vector_allocate, and then gsl_vector_get and _set. Its also annoying how you have to pass parameters as a void pointer.

arkm: what an accurate and complete answer! it seems your answer is more annoying / less helpful than my question. you posted a link to a page with 1000 links, one of which may be relevant.

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