Hello everyone i know very little of Java and need help with a project. If anyone could send some code or even help explain where i should start i would very much appreciate it. This is what the teacher gave us for the project outline on what the code should contain.
o Store
o Products (3 classes)
• Price
• Description
• Inventory
• Taxable(y/n)
• Purchase(qty)
o Return price
o Decrement inventory
• Getprice
• Getdescription
• Getupc
• Getquantity
• getTaxStatus
o CashRegister (Shopping Cart)

 Static TAX_RATE=1.06
 Static Class
• calculateTotal
• enter payment (dollar/cents)
• give change
o Currency
 Static variables of currency and coin
o Main Class
 Add items
 Enter purchase
 Enter payment

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Check this out

I understand that and I am very serious about this program but i do not even know where to start. If someone could help me set up this program (classes, help planning, etc.) it would be very much appreciated.

Try to better explain your problem. What you posted is difficult to quite understand.
Also, don't tell me that your teacher hasn't showed how to write a single class with attributes and get/set methods. Or don't you have a book or notes with examples?

SO far i have this for the cash register part of the program.... its not much and im getting a few errors and im not sure why...

package cashregister;

public class CashRegister {
    public CashRegister(double purchase, double payment){

        double giveChange(double price, double pmt){
            double change = pmt-price;
            return pay;

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