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Sculpting, flower arrangement, ballet, and firework pyrotechnics. I would like to know the difference between these listed.


I am interested In c++,basic, and apl. I also like machine languAge. I am building a computer 8 bit based on teh zilog z80 along with support devices. I do not like the nanotube used in computers and cell. I think Mosfet technology should not be used on computer but the front end of radio receivers do to there very high input impedence. By polar technoloy is much better and stronger and less likely to break down. The binary code itself is also heresay. Base 3or ven 7 people have an obsession between being on or off hence binary. Tupaq


You should build a 8.5 bit computer, it would run faster. And I like how you replied to a thread that was started by you, more than a year ago.

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