Dear freinds i have a big problem!! i hope somebody can help me out..

The situation:
I have a small application where i store customers and orders..
In my database i have a tabel called Customers and a tabel called Orders. These 2 dabases are joined on Customer ID - every Order record contain a row with the customer Id.

My problem:
I have joined the 2 tabels in a dataset called Customers and orders. I would like to present a Customer details form where i present the customer with a detail view and underneath all the orders listet in a list view..
But when i drag the dataset into my form evey single order is presented in the listview in the buttom - I only want the orders which are connected to the displayed customer in the detailsview...

I hope somebody can give me some help i am totally stuck...

Best regard Kristian

A quick way is to put the dataset into a dataview, then put the dataview on the form. The dataview has a property "rowfilter" that you can set, such as myDataView.RowFilter = "CustomerId = 10"; and only rows with that match the filter will appear on the form.

Thank you for trying to help me. I couldent quit make your solutio work but i made a workaround that solved it.. Thanks for trying